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Hurricane Ida Claims



Hurricane Ida swept through Southeast Louisiana with winds of 150 miles per hour and left a devastating path of destruction. If your home or business was damaged or destroyed, you are likely overwhelmed by the complex process it takes to file your insurance claims and start rebuilding. We have been there, and we are here for you now.

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Before you do anything, you should consult an attorney. At Boling Law Firm, we handle insurance claims for individuals and businesses and are available 24/7. The following is a checklist for immediate action you should take. It will best equip you for the road ahead.

  • Step 1: Photograph as much of your damaged property as possible. Include all of your contents: clothes, plates, memorabilia, toys, etc.
  • Step 2: “Mitigate your damages.” Meaning put a tarp on your roof, board up broken windows and doors and protect your property to the best of your ability.
  • Step 3: Find your insurance policy! Every policy is different. See what it covers and what is does not. If you do not have a copy, call your agent or go online.
  • Step 4: Contact FEMA. You may be eligible for any number of state and federal programs.
  • Step 5: Make a detailed list of items that are either missing, destroyed or damaged. Write down how much you paid or what it would cost to replace.
  • Step 6: If you have them, collect and organize all receipts and bills. This helps document the age and purchase price of your damaged items.
  • Step 7: Obtain a detailed estimate for all short term and long term repairs. Get your own estimate! Do not rely on what your insurance company tells you.
  • Step 8: Keep and organize all receipts of all hurricane-related expenses. Most policies will reimburse you for this. Also, keep a ledger of time and energy spent cleaning, mitigating, and repairing your home. This can sometimes go toward your deductible. 

The past year has continued to be an uncertain and challenging time for many Americans, especially those of Southwest Louisiana. Hurricane Ida made landfall in Southeastern Louisiana as a full Category 4 hurricane with sustained wind speeds over 150 miles per hour, according to the National Hurricane Center

Thousands of homes and businesses have been damaged or destroyed by severe winds and flooding, leaving our local communities to deal with the impact. If you are among the many victims struggling to maintain financial stability, our Hurricane Ida claims attorneys in New Orleans can help you work through a claim with insurance companies.

I Have Been Affected by Hurricane Ida. What Should I Do?

If you have sustained property damage from Hurricane Ida, you may be unsure of what to do. While your situation can feel overwhelming, you do not have to go through the recovery process alone. It is extremely important, however, to take immediate action to protect your property and legal rights where possible.

Mitigating the Damage

Your very first step should be to take any precautionary measures that may help you to mitigate the damage to your property. If it is possible to do so safely, board up broken windows and apply a tarp to damaged or leaking areas. Beyond reducing damage, this can also help prevent insurance companies from denying claims by citing additional damage after the fact.

Documenting the Damage

Your next step should be to capture photo and video evidence of the affected areas, including both the property and other personal items. Begin writing a list of all damaged items, as this can also help you to document your full losses and avoid forgetting or omitting anything of value. 

These photos, videos, and added documentation will help serve as evidence and detail the full extent and value of the damages.

Reviewing Your Damages

The last step is recommended to be completed with the assistance of a legal professional. By assessing all your damages with a Hurricane Ida claims lawyer in New Orleans, he or she can use their experience to properly evaluate your claim and help you understand what legal options are available to you. 

This can give you peace of mind. With an experienced team behind you, you have the best odds of receiving maximum compensation and avoiding common compensation evasion tactics from insurance companies.

For a free legal consultation with a Hurricane Ida Claims lawyer serving New Orleans, call 504-569-5904.

What if Hurricane Ida Damaged My Business?

Boling Law Firm has experienced commercial hurricane claims lawyers on staff ready to help you with business insurance claims. Depending on what coverage you have, you may also be eligible for business interruption compensation. 

Call today for your free business insurance policy review and consultation to fully understand what legal options you have available. 

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What Kind of Damages Might Be Covered After a Hurricane?

Hurricanes are most often characterized by high winds, flying debris, and flooding from the storm surge. Below are just a few of the most common types of damages that can be covered by your policy.

  • Flooding: Storm surges, low elevation, or poor drainage can lead to flooding. Once the water clears, water damage, mold, and mildew may remain.
  • Roof damage: High winds can put strains on a building's roof and create a lift pressure effect. This can result in tiles being torn off or entire portions of roofing coming away from the structure.
  • Broken windows: Even shuttered or boarded windows can be damaged by strong enough winds, flying debris, or falling trees.
  • Damaged doors: High winds can create a pull on your home's doors. Garage doors can be particularly vulnerable due to their large surface area and unique function. Glass sliding doors are also susceptible to damage from wind and flying debris.
  • Contents damage: If damage occurred to your home or business, whether from flooding or wind, the contents of your property could also have undergone damage that may be covered under your policy.
  • Structural damage: In worst cases, the structure of your home or business might have been compromised by the high wind speeds and flying debris.

If you have experienced any of the above damage due to Hurricane Ida, or other damage not listed, call our Hurricane Ida claims attorneys in New Orleans today for a free consultation to discuss your legal options.

What if My Hurricane Ida Claim Has Already Been Denied?

If you have submitted a claim for your Hurricane Ida damages and your insurance company has denied it or is not offering you fair compensation for your damages, you may still have options. 

The experienced hurricane claim attorneys at the Morris Bart law firm can help you review your policy and understand your legal options with a free case consultation and review. Call us now to get started. 

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Filing a Claim for Hurricane Ida Damages

If your home or business has been damaged as a result of Hurricane Ida, it's more important now than ever to fully understand your legal rights. We understand the challenges and difficulties you may face in the aftermath of a hurricane. 

We can also handle your claim and ensure you receive maximum compensation for your damages. Call us today at 504-569-5904 for a free consultation with a New Orleans Hurricane Ida claims attorney. We can discuss your case and help you understand what legal options are available to you.


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