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Roundup FAQs

What Is the Status of Roundup Weed Killer Lawsuits?

The biggest news, of course, is the $10 billion Roundup settlement. This much anticipated and much-delayed settlement - settlements with various lawyers was years in the making.

Right now, victims are dealing with issues related to point allocations to determine the settlement amounts. The points system in the Roundup settlements is complicated and you will not get clear answers about how the Roundup point system works online. (Talk to your lawyer to clear up any confusion that you may have.)

But what if you still have a Roundup claim? But what happens now?

Is There Still a Roundup Class Action MDL Lawsuit After the Settlement?

The Monsanto Roundup MDL class action lawsuit is still in place. This is the same class action that was formed five years ago in October 2016, when a federal judiciary panel created a new Multi-District Litigation (MDL) for the Roundup cases (the "Roundup MDL"). This consolidated Monsanto Roundup lawsuits in the federal court under Judge Vince Chhabria in the Northern District of California.

The Roundup MDL made it easier for NHL victims to file glyphosate cancer lawsuits and participate in future settlements, often with minimal effort required on behalf of the claimants. This is exactly what happened.

What Is the Settlement Value of Roundup Cancer Claims?

Anytime you get a class action MDL involving a product like Roundup, the outcomes of the first initial trial are often used to negotiate a global settlement of all future suits. The initial Roundup trials resulted in a series of massive verdicts for the plaintiffs and that helped set the settlement amounts.

The global settlement has a tiered points system to determine settlement value. Each point in the settlement is worth a certain amount of money.  The hope -- which will prove impossible -- is to distribute settlement proceeds among the victims as fairly as possible.

At the top tier on the point scale are NHL lawsuits in which the plaintiffs had extensive exposure to Roundup (e.g., landscapers, agricultural workers, and others who used Roundup every day for years) and were diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

At the lower end of the tiers will be cases where the plaintiffs had less exposure (e.g., homeowners who did not use Roundup every day) and other types of lymphoma or cancers less directly linked to Roundup.

The average Roundup lawsuit payout for Round One settlements was in the $120,000 to $180,000 range. Again, we predict that new Roundup weed killer cancer lawsuits will have higher settlement compensation payouts.

What impact will pulling Roundup off shelves have on future Roundup cases?

Bayer's decision to pull the current glyphosate-based version of Roundup off consumer shelves in the U.S. (eventually and maybe, we should say) should make it much easier and faster to get a settlement in future Roundup cancer claims (assuming there is proof of causation).

Because Bayer could settle claims without worrying about protecting an existing product. Bayer's decision could also increase the potential settlement value of future Roundup cases because it can be presented as an admission that glyphosate was harmful.

How Do I Get a Roundup Lawyer?

If you or a loved one has been newly diagnosed with cancer from these pesticides, call our lawyers today at 1 (800) 799-7914 or get a free, no-obligation case review by contacting us. Our Roundup attorneys can give you the legal advice you need and our lawyers will help you in any way that we can.

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