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Roundup Lawsuits Timeline


The first study is published suggesting that glyphosate (active ingredient in Roundup) may cause cancer


World Health Organization adds glyophosate to its list of possible human carcinogens


First Roundup product liability lawsuits are filed against Monsanto


In April another study is published that concludes that Roundup is associated with increased risks of skin cancer and lymphoma. In September, Monsanto is acquired by international chemical and
pharmaceutical giant Bayer AG for $66 billion


Hundreds of individual Roundup lawsuits are filed against Monsanto (Bayer) in the first wave of the Roundup mass tort litigation


The very first Roundup "test" case goes to trial and results in a jury verdict of $289 million, causing Bayer's stock to plummet as the company continues to publicly defend the safety of its iconic product


The second Roundup test case goes to trial in California state court and the jury awards a staggering $2 billion in damages to the plaintiff


A global settlement agreement is proposed under which $10 billion will be allocated to resolve existing claims and a controversial scientific panel will be created to decide the fate of all future claims

MAR 2021

Final approval of the Roundup settlement is delayed for months because of objections to the method of resolving future claims with a science panel

MAY 2021

Roundup MDL Judge rejects Bayer's motion for approval of the controversial settlement proposal that would have put all future Roundup claims in limbo

AUG 2021

Bayer sets aside $4.5 billion for future Roundup claims and announces that glyphosate-based Roundup will be pulled from the U.S. consumer market

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